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Create Gallery ready paintings and get the skills to sell them

For ALL levels: Beginner to Advanced

Art Masters Program is a Monthly Ongoing Course...Join Anytime where you will receive:

-          4 Paintings a Month on  advanced Still Life and Portrait/Figure and some landscape- (These will be Gallery Paintings not Studies) I want to give you a variety of subject matter so that you can be a well rounded artist. You will not only learn how to paint flowers or trees but you will know how to master everything. I truly believe that knowing many subjects will make you a better artist. Two (2) of the paintings will be delivered as video demos where I paint them from start to finish and the other 2 will be delivered with pictures of the setups and a video description of how I suggest you paint them.

-          Marketing Tips/Modules- I found out the hard way itís one thing to be a great painter, but itís another thing to know how to market your paintings and be able to sell them and to make a living off of your paintings. I give you action plans and blue prints on how to do these things in bite size pieces. This part of the course is going to be a lot of fun too while you learn a lot.

-          Motivational Tips- Letís face it, sometimes weíre not motivated or feeling up to putting that brush on the canvas. Thatís where I come in - Iím going to give you motivational tips that will drive the inner artist in you to get your butt in front of that easel to paint and love it. We can all use motivation and I think this is a HUGE part of becoming an Art Master.

-          Advanced Painting Tips- Iím also going to give you awesome advanced painting tips that are designed to help you grow into an Art Master. These tips will be different from my old tips and will be designed to take your art to a Master Artist Level. They will be more advanced, hands on concepts.

-          LIVE Webinars- These awesome live webinars (Live online video discussions...don't worry we will show you how to do this) are designed to talk about where youíre at with your paintings. We are going to have at least 3 of these every month depending on enrollment demands. This is the time where I will be critiquing, answering questions, discussing marketing modules and talking about the months paintings. You will be able to send in questions during the Webinar and Iíll answer them during the event. If you canít make it to the Live Webinar, no problem, we will record them and have them available on our Art Masters Program Members Only Website for you to watch at any time. We will also hold technical Q&A webinars for anything technical about the course.

Hereís What it Will Do For You:

-          Learn how to paint a variety of subject matter and learn how to take your paintings to a Master Level.

-           This Program will give you Easy steps to market your art to where you will have the knowledge to sell your art and approach galleries and market through other venues, i.e., studio shows, home shows and art festivals and more.

-          I will motivate you to paint, you will be painting more and with confidence.

-          You will learn the secrets of painting like a Master and learn the tricks and tips of advanced painters


-     This is an ongoing class and will go until I run out of things to share....best to think of it as you would any other art class where you can start anytime and quit anytime...no long term commitment. Join anytime.

-          Live discussion and critiques on the months paintings and marketing strategies that will get your questions answered and give you the opportunity to hear what others are asking about and seeing other memberís progress

Remember you can work at your own speed and no one expects you to get every painting done.


For ALL levels: Beginner to Advanced

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-    Try it completely risk free: you can try it out for one week and if you decide it is not the best class you have taken just email us  and we will refund your full payment.

 Hereís What To Do Next:

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You will be billed monthly for this class/membership for $79 each month on this same date. Cancel anytime: just drop us an email at info@edmondsonstudio.com

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